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Re: Aikido goals

It dawns on me I have not reviewed the goals that I posted on this thread in a while. So:

* Relax my shoulders, arms, elbows when throwing and being thrown;
-improved a little bit here.

* Improve my strength and endurance with some conditioning;
-improved a lot here, and continuing to improve.

* Try not to get frustrated when it seems like I'm not picking up a technique or when I'm tired;
-improving a little bit here. My first seminar was rough, but I think I'm starting to relax and calm down.

* Focus on my observation skills. Get better at observing a technique and learning it from the observation;
-improving a little bit here. This is going to be a tough one to learn for me.

* Be more decisive/assertive when training.
-improving a little bit here. Takes me a while to 'warm up' to technique, but then I can be pretty committed.

* Talk less on the mat;
-doing a lot better here. Partly because I've been so tired lately.

* Learn more vocabulary
-doing really well here. Really starting to get a sense of the language.

* Test for rank at least once.
-missed March test due to stupid knee tendonitis. Will be testing in July. So, barring a horrible mishap, I will meet this goal in a little over a month.

The old goals definitely still apply, but I've got a few new ones:

* work on hands and fingers, "live hands" (not to be confused with "jazz hands"

* work on developing sense of center

* rehab and strengthen my knee and quadricepts.

* if knee is strong enough to do it, finally do a forward roll.

* work on getting a regular training routine outside dojo, some aerobic, some stretching and strength training.

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