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Re: Mental Toughness

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And BTW, "just choose to" is a non-answer, right up there with 'don't get hit' and 'just throw him'. If your answer is 'you need to figure out what works for you,' tell me what worked for you. I apologize for the frustration, but I'm finding it difficult to 'just' decide, and it is hard to look for advice and find platitudes.
Then dont "just choose too".
Instead try to accept what is.

Are you stuck, cant 'progress'?
Take a look and feel and watch the situation. Dont resist - it is as it is.

Resisting wont change anything, as Im sure you already can tell.

You may find as you become more aware and accepting of where you are now, not sitting in judgement, as it were, that you will 'progress'.

But in reality there is nothing to get to...everything in the future is a thought happening now. The future only exist in your head and not in the present.

I know its stating the obvious, the present is all you have - and to some they would say they are not happy about it.
But if your not ready to choose something different than at least realize that if you are stuck in the mud, that complaining does nothing to actively get you out of the mud.

So the word choice gets thrown around a lot like other words, but it really is a pointer that goes beyond itself. The reason it doesnt work is because we havent made the connection to the word someone else has, and they do not have the adequate vocabulary in which to describe what they mean.

However this is not necessary either - as feeling goes a long way...and as time goes you realize that what people say is that which you already knew just had to be awakened, as it were.

Best to you...


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