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Re: jealous wife is cramping my teaching style

Give up teaching...let your students go somewhere else to train. This may sound harsh, but, if you put value to the assinine antics of your other half, you are not giving your students their monies worth. You only have a dozen students, no loss, your wife will be happy and you will be whatever. You may be a great teacher, but, you are not putting your students first.

Also be aware, treating a student differently due to gender, or causing them to alter their behavior and learning because of gender can and may bring legal ramifications that you have not even begun to consider. Another note, these threads have no expectation of privacy...and your IP address is prefacing this thread. Hopefully, this is not a topic that has been openly discuused within your dojo.

On-the-other-hand, you ONLY have twelve students...assume all responsibilities of YOUR dojo. It is not that hard to do.

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