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I don't think talking about colored belts are a good idea to distinguish anyone on the mat.

First, isn't it rude to ask : "What kyu/dan are you ?". It's almost the same thing, after all !

Second, where I practice, there are lots of kids, "make-believing" all the time, showing their waist when you call them, ...
Later, they'll behave more as a bouncer (showing his/her gold medal in public , waiting for applause when making a demo) than as a A´kidoka. Too bad, since some of them are more gifted than I am ... I think one should start practicing later, around 20 years old, when one's more "mature" (I'm uncomfortable with this word, I must say).

Third, some A´kidokas are upset about questions like "Is it for defense or for attack ?", "Can we win with your Art ?", etc. ... But, acting with those awful belts is a way to make our Art be mistaken for other martial arts, isn't it ?

So, I like Tim's good joke , because it makes rookies realize that it's not important, after all ...

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