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Hi Thomas

My knowledge of local geography is pathetic so I'm not sure where Whitehall is. It doesn't really matter though, you're always welcome to come and train with us (as is anyone who is ever in the area). When a visit home becomes imminent let me know and I'll send you directions to the dojo.

I have no knowledge of instructors in Zeeland or Grand Haven (doesn't mean they're not there, I just don't know about 'em) but there is a new place in Grand Rapids that opened recently called the Toyoda Center. Really a great bunch of people. We were invited to their grand opening and I was impressed. Not just with the facility they'd created but also with the friendly atmosphere. If you're back in the area you may want to give them a visit too.

Next if you wouldn't mind explaining the principle of range of effectiveness, I was very curious what that is. Maai, perhaps?
Yeah, pretty much. Our style (read that as our dojo) is characterized by small techniques that happen quite close to the body. Most of them are done right in front of the centerline of the body and many of those happen right in front of the hara. The basic meaning of range of effectivness is that you are stronger when you are closer to your center. So we try to stay close to our center while drawing uke away from theirs.

Of course on tests when they ask what is range of effectivness we sometimes simply answer "the range in which you are effective". We aren't serious, we only say it because it bugs our dojo cho

The interpretation of masakatsu agatsu that we use is true victory is victory over oneself.
I've never heard the other one. It's good though.

Hope this answered your questions.

Stop in any time your around. We'd be tickled to have you train with us.


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