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Mike Sigman
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Re: Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

There were a couple p.m.'s asking about the syllabus for the workshop, so I thought I'd save time and post here (and on some of the other forums where the notice is placed).

Generally, we'll start off with 2-person static jin/kokyu exercises. It's very easy at first and gradually progresses in complexity. The four general directions of jin/kokyu usage will be developed and from those basic directions, all directions can be developed. During the development of these basic ki/kokyu/jin exercises, examples will be done using demonstrations that Tohei, Ueshiba, Shioda, and other sensei's have done.

After static skills have been developed, there will be some work and exercises involving moving with kokyu/jin power, and then practice time using these skills, mentally adjusting the kokyu/jin in blending with partner's forces, etc., will be developed (there will be some waza usage near the end of the workshop). This part gets pretty interesting because "aiki" and "blending" take on a very different yet functional meaning.

There will also be some training in how to generate power, particularly for kokyu-nage.

A group of basic exercises for kokyu/ki development will be taught, but we won't do more than minimal practice and review of these exercises because frankly, it's the sort of thing you need to do on your own. Personally, I tend to try to teach how things work and then let people determine for themselves how strong they want to develop the strengths. Some people only want simple, basic skills and others want great power... my thinking is that each of those people can take the basics from the workshop and practice as fits into their personal goals.

Concurrent with the kokyu/jin development will be some instruction and practice on breathing and development of the general ki. Of course, because those skills and body-development take some months to begin developing, not much in the way of will be obvious during the weekend, although some things will become apparent.

There will be some other topics touched upon and practiced, but the above is a good general idea of what to expect.


Mike Sigman
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