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Originally posted by batemanb
Fraid not, haven`t met him since. I will try and find out though, may take a day or three. He was in his seventies at the time, very nice chap, invited me to his house for tea and spoke at length about training.

When I went to the dojo, I was introduced to a another rather large chappie (think English but my memory is faint) who informed me that he was the all Japan Shodokan randori champion (I am using words learned after the fact - Shodokan and randori), he may have called it something differnt, but was telling me that he was the first non Japanese person to win the one on one competition.
Love to know both names but no sweat if it is difficult. I am going to send an e-mail to the person who I thought was the first non-Japanese All Japan Champion but I may be wrong on that.
The other thing that struck me, and sticks hard in my memory, was how many times that everyone got stuck with the knife, regardless of whether they were a mudansha or yudansha. I think that was a lesson worth learning early on.
Isn't it though - faced with a real knife I would be way more careful but the idea is to provide impetus for strong commited attacks. Still with Shodokan experience I can with confidence role my eyes when certain people talk about knife take aways. It's not easy.

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