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Re: High level power abuse

It may not be anyone's business to interfere or discuss it but it sure as hell is bad form and immoral. I really don't care if someone has an open marriage or people are single even then its still bad form as I will outline below, but if folks are lying and cheating and stepping out, it speaks to their character. And to make it known is just plain stupid.

So, next up is to consider why things like that are not allowed in the work place-unless you're the president discussing sending young people to war with a U.S. senator while getting a oral sex from another federal employee-in a federal office in clear violation of fedaeral law.
For the rest of us, It has long been recognized that power can and has been used and abused- mostly by men- in the work place. No one can and wants to be the arbiter of consent in determining whether it was just mutual fun, coerced, promises were made, or differential treatment and unfair advancement was involved. It is easier to just say its not allowed.
Sensei's can wield influence that they are not trained for or educated in. Therefore many/most/all? are not qualified to do anything other than teach a martial art. Someone may need to explain to them why fraternizing and taking on the mantle of anything other than a budo teacher is unprofessional and a bad idea.
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