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Re: Ken Cottier Sensei in Latter Stages of Lung Cancer

I would like to echo the sentiments expressed by Philip Smith and Henry Ellis.

I first met Ken Cottier around 1976, when he came to give a seminar at University College London, where I was a student. After that, our paths diverged, until I became involved with the International Aikido Federation (IAF). At some point I paid a visit to Hong Kong and gave a seminar in Ken's dojo. As you all know, in aikido it is customary to follow the Japanese custom and give an omiyage (souvenir). I chose some very good Scotch whisky. Ken was very happy to receive it, but, during the course of the seminar it was actually stolen from the dojo. Of course, Ken was distraught. After all, what would you do if the omiyage brought by the guest instructor was stolen from your own dojo?

Well, we became good friends after that and Ken used to send me audiotapes. He did not like writing letters and was never an Internet fan. Those tapes are full of stories, for which Ken was famous. Ken would start to tell me something about a serious issue involving the IAF, or aikido, or whatever, and incidentally would mention some shihan in the Hombu. There would then be a long interlude full of stories about the shihan, or whatever, after which Ken would ruefully resume his thread until the mention of another shihan he knew...

Best wishes to Ken, his family, the BAF, and all his aikido and non-aikido friends.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Goldsbury

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