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Re: The poll on aikido spirituality

Jonathan Hay wrote: View Post
I think people use the term "spiritual" to refer vaguely to a great number of things. They often do this via a number of catch phrases...Your "nurture the soul" comment sounds like one of them. So, let me ask you, what do you mean by "nurture the soul"?
People certainly do like their catch phrases! I mean it pretty simply though: promote its health. I think a person can have a spiritual experience at any given moment of their life, whether that person is buying groceries or kneeling in Church or training. Similarly, I believe we can enrich our spirit through purposeful action.

Do you mean if you wash your car the right way, in a spiritual way, you'll feel good about yourself?
Well, sure, but why wouldn't I feel good about myself for having a spiritual experience? Personally, washing the car hasn't proven to be the best approach so far.

Does the phrase, "nurture the soul" simply mean doing whatever in a way that makes me feel positive about life and myself? If so, how, is that spiritual, exactly? How do you do Aikido so it nurtures your soul?
If you mean to ask if i agree with the idea that just because something feels good it is good, then no, that's not what it means. How does anything nurture your soul? Or do you disagree with that concept?

I can see why, too, but I think, given my Christian perspective, that they are "barking up the wrong tree."
Your perspective may well preclude the possibility...and for all I know, you're right.

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