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Re: effectivness of technique

Gee where I have read this stuff before...

It's easy to parse those with experiance from those who don't so let me make this simple...

Effectiveness is relative in the sense of how and when a person has to use it. I have been successful using executing Waza with bad techniques and had my ass handed to me in my technical prime.

I don't personally knock any Aikido practice anymore but if you have to bunny hop all over the place while your practicing your "form" you have to ask yourself are you really doing Aikido?

The Doshu Analogy is silly at best...I have a Judo Friend from Brooklyn who declared Islam and went on The Haj to Mecca. He has the USMC Icon tatted on his right arm. Not one fight...


Again it's the man/woman....I have seen muscle bound studs cry like babies, and skinny bespeckled wearing geeks sucking it up and driving on...

Im my experiance the purpose of Martial Training is to discover the Martial Spirit in ones self. This Martial Spirit allows you to tap into "Martial" Power and builds charactor, courage, and fortitude in the person...

The extent of ones Martial Spirit is determined by only ONE FACTOR and in this sense folks would do will to emulate the Sig Line Dan Hardin uses from his Sensei....


If you go to the Dojo twice a week then your Martial Spirit develops accordingly and vice versa if you devote yourself to Martial Practice then you will also grow accordingly...Hence for every Dan Hardin there are a Hundred Thousand Aiki-Bunnies including at certain times in my life... me. I have been givin the secret to Martial Power many times from several Shihan...It means nothing unless I continue to practice and nuture it on my own outside of the Dojo.

Make no mistake Practice is not just the learning of a Technical Syllabus.Practice is a Mind Body Spirit Connection that can be fostered anytime anywhere. Practice is as we say... Living Aikido or whatever Martial Art.... not just showing up and throwing people around for an hour or two...However that being said both paths lead up the same mountain... Aiki Bunny or Martial Artist. I just wish to get there this life time or the next... if only to share and enjoy the view.

"Sincere Heart through Austere Training" Shoji Nishio Shihan

William Hazen

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