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Re: effectivness of technique

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Seriously, given the question, can techniques be bad, ineffective, or flawed, what would you answer? Coming from a perspective of having good structure.

What I mean was from either end of the discussion-which most certainly overlap-it would be difficult to discuss. There are so many things wrong with their martial approach that "effective" wouldn't enter into my dialogue with anyone doing that type of work. I'd just say. "Stop it." Then probably start working on realistic approaches with a knife and show where to go from there.
Structurally, it would be a whole different approach as well.
I didn't realize where you guys were approaching it from. Those are exactly the types of movements that Ron quoted me on when I say. "Full the wrong direction." I keep hoping to see some revamped and changed approaches to the art in both waza and structure. Truly, there is just so, so, much people could have, by way of power and practical use. It's sad watcing stuff like the recent videos.

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