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Re: effectivness of technique

To Mark Murray
What was that? I keep reading here where so many keep saying aikido is changing and more and more are becoming more practical. Yet the recent vids of knife fighting (here and by Chris H.) express such a low level of understanding-both in applicable martial waza and in structure that I wouldn't know where to begin. And having someone "follow" your hand as you turn round and round, or attacking and loping around on one foot with your structure a mess and you not attempting to recover? Do Aikidoka still commonly move all over place to move someone else? Or is this unusual? That was not a display of anything I would relate to structure, aiki, or effectiveness. I was thinking of issues entirely beyond this when discussing the term effective. I wouldn't know where to begin to discuss effective in the sense of that type of movement. I'd have allot more to say than "His arm was out 90 deg from his body in the Kotegeishi." With the type of structure displayed; would it really matter at all where THAT body was?
Sooo, much more is available in doing than this stuff. I hope folks are pursuing it.
I think I am out of my element here, and I'll withdraw from the discussion. Sorry to have intruded.

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