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Mark Jakabcsin
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Re: effectivness of technique

I agree with your post and do not think mine is at odds. Experience is essential and attitude even more so.

Please try to understand my response in the context of the entire thread and specifically the question I responded too. For the record I have not trained 'technique' in many years and do not forsee ever going back to that method of training. Discussing whether a specific technique is good/bad/valid/etc. just seems silly to me. Focusing the training on the individual to make him/her more prepared in their ability to properly collect information and make proper decisioncs that accurately reflect reality makes more sense to me.

Personally I do not buy into the thought of learning technique, polishing technique, becoming extremely proficient at technique and then graduating to no technique. I estimate the number of people that can actually follow this path and reach the desired results is probably under 1%. If one wants to be free it is best to learn to be free from day one, imo.

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