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Re: Easy ikkyo, painless nikkyo, attacking nikkyo?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I played around just a bit with something like that. Probably isn't the same as what Rob is doing, though. I had my uke put me in a nikkyo. As he applied more force to the nikkyo, I used my suit to let that force go through the wrist, through the arm, through the shoulder, down across the back, into the opposite leg and then into the ground. Well, I got as far as the back but I couldn't get the force to go through the leg into the ground. (As I've been told before, my lower back is a mess. Still working on it.)

What I found while doing this was that the energy coming in was sort of spiraling through my body and getting stored. As more force was applied, more energy came through. So, in a "I wonder" moment, I released all the energy back into uke and it popped him back a couple steps. Was really neat.

Excellent. I missed this post first time around! This is pretty much what I was talking about. Here are my thoughts on a comparison:
- I don't worry about bringing it/recieving it further than my hip joint becuase I assume that my spine intentions will handle that as long as I recieve it to my hip.
- I felt it store up just like you are saying.
- I decided to hit the cross pose and followed that intention with my arms and whammo. How far they go back depends only on how good their stance was. If they have no structure at all, I may get 30 feet out of them although that would be assisted by them (sometimes you can get someone running backwards - tiedering on the edge of balance - trying to get their legs back under their upper body which is flying away).

Before I learned such things, I would say I have been hit my so much power from Gleason sensei - who does not use pain at all that I am aware of - that something like this would have just powered my stance. (At the time my stance would have been dumping too much of my energy in my front - which ISN'T the way Gleason sensei stands - I learned that bad habbit from others.)

As far as Gleason sensei goes, it has been my experience that nothing I'm doing with Dan Harden so far is too different from what he does in his aikido. The difference is that Dan applies such things to MMA, teaches that power so differently and directly, and the more I learn it the better I can see what Gleason sensei is doing. Both of those teachers do kata dori nikkyo in the exact same way for instance. Gleason sensei's iriminage is using the exact same thing as what Dan just showed me in a completely different context. It's so fun.


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