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Re: Easy ikkyo, painless nikkyo, attacking nikkyo?

Also, if you want to meet up. I'll be happy to show you my nikkyo and demonstrate it with my elbow in just about any position you like. As long as you want to apply pressue to me, nothing else is going to matter much unless your aiki (anti aiki) skills are better than mine AND you get there first. I still think I may be able to soft power you down.

I've given this a bit more thought and I'd say that as long as one has superior intention ability your nikkyo should work. That typically means the person with the better structure. And that is why we say things like it's best to do kokyunage first, get uke's mind on their balance and off of resisting technique for a split second (of uke's focus betrayal - my term I just made up!) before applying the technique. As structure and intention improves relative to uke, you can get away with less kokyu nage and move into what I would consider kokyu rokyu.

Larry sorry for your difficulties. I had to let one go myself. (And if he comes back it won't mean he loves me! It will mean I must have had a lobotomy.)

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