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Re: Akuzawa Sensei Seminar in the DC Area/Aunkai

Thought I'd chime in here,

First off, thanks for everyone who made it to the seminar, I saw more than a few faces that were familiar, and Ark was pleasantly surprised at more than a few people's progress.

I definitely took back more than a few things to mull on/work on myself, thanks to everyone's direct questions. It's very much a learning experience for myself and keeps me on my toes.

Dan Austin wrote: View Post
Here's a good review:

I take it the army combatives guy referred to is you Kevin, so you're busted. I've wondered about Rob's comments about the applicability to groundwork, what's your take on that?
Er, about that,
a) Kevin and I didn't have time to really roll, and I have no illusions that the guy could turn me in a pretzel if we were going at it for real.
Hopefully I'll get a chance in the near future when we head back to DC for another round.

b) I was showing an example of how the "connection" could be used to reverse a submission attempt, in this case a Kimura. It was a demo, nothing more, neither of us were going all out.

c) He asked me how I could use the same stuff to get out from under side mount using these skills.
Other than shrimping/controlling the hips, or other "techs" I know for getting out of a side control, I don't have a direct answer as of yet (still working on that one). :-p (Dan H, you wanna spill some tips? )

d) I did roll with one other person, but again, it was a demo, not a sparring match.

Not that he needs me to back him up, but Kevin sucked it up and sweat just as hard, both physically and mentally.

Knowing how hard his training ethos probably is definitely gave me a kick in the rear to keep up my own training...I'm only sorry we didn't get the time to pick each other's brain on the mat for ground work.

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