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Re: Easy ikkyo, painless nikkyo, attacking nikkyo?

David Valadez wrote: View Post
For me, locks should include throws,
The way I see it is that throws are harder to execute properly, consistently, against a variety of different body masses.

The pins seem easier and quite effective in themselves.
Ikkyo, ninkkyo, etc. - my favorite is sankyo...

Pain compliance - if that doesnt work, follow it up or start with some heavy atemi.

For non-violence one can walk away...and the situation wont arise.
Until then the above isnt that bad.



the only one in the 'throw category' I like is kotegaishi.
(though thats like a pin of the wrist.) Though I like shihonage as well. But that has a nice twist of the arm in it, etc.

Least favorite is iriminage, but I see its merit if you can master the various techniques of it...quite effective.

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