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Re: Akuzawa Sensei Seminar in the DC Area/Aunkai

Hi Dan
Again, not speaking for Rob or Ark-ask them.
Yes you can learn it in the manner you just described.
You learn it, take it home and that is where the real work begins. It helps to have a group for feedback and to kick your ass in gear when you get lazy. Were I starting out I would travel to get to those who know and do the work as much as possible. But anything you get will not be a waste. You guys should start forming your own self help groups to train with A-W-A-Y from your regular budo training to work on your internals.
Paired partner work is essential for later growth in my view of things. But not everyone agrees. No matter the majority of the work is in solo training.
Simply answer
Go train at a seminar
train at home
go train at a seminar to get fixed and deeper understanding. Call Rob, Write in at the Aunkia web site and ask
Go train at a seminar
Train at home
Seek out fellow students
Train at home.
It's just an opinion, but I think its the best thing you could ever do for martial art training and power. All the rest; waza, tactics, weapons, styles, is just icing on the cake.

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