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Dan Austin
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Re: Akuzawa Sensei Seminar in the DC Area/Aunkai


No worries, as I said I think it's good for the instructor to have people share their positive experiences. I am curious how different it was in person from what you expected after talking about it on the board, and if you did roll with Rob if you could feel a difference from "normal" people.


I understand these things can't be learned without hands-on, so as I said gleaning secrets is not an issue, I understand it's about hard work. Since there aren't many people who can show these skills, the operative question is the practicality of learning it from occasional visits. It sounds like you don't go out doing seminars, so in terms of travel Mike and Akuzawa are more available to people in different geographic areas. The question becomes whether you can take away enough kinesthetic sense of the foundational exercises that you can work them on your own, perhaps tweaking them with online discussion with people who have also had hands-on, and then how often would it be necessary to get together with someone significantly more skilled to keep you on the right track. Kevin mentioned every 6 months. It doesn't look like Akuzawa travels that frequently, but that may depend on seminar interest, which is correlated with local practice groups who could be depended upon to attend for those tune-ups. It sounds like there are enough people in DC to keep the ball rolling there, but to get things jumpstarted in other areas the seminar reviews and discussions are important despite the fact that newbies won't learn anything just from that.
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