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Re: Akuzawa Sensei Seminar in the DC Area/Aunkai

There isn't a point in discussing details. They will not be relevant if you don't know how to make it work or what to shoot for.

I am not speaking for Rob or Ark!!
Maybe a good overall idea is to consider what would happen if you were able to sustain a central equilibrium within yourself that was highly sustainable as it relies on a union of opposites (in/yo ho). Next were you to strengthen to retain it in all movement? When force comes into you it is managed in a way that is foreign to most martial artists. Instead of needing to do things to people-you manage yourself and THAT greatly affect others. This isn't even addressing what happens when you decide to hit or kick or throw. In a sense you walk through peoples structure and punch or kick through their spine. It can be very damaging.
I gave an example on edudo a while back-post #401

Of imagining what your budo could do on an anemic, weak person attacking you. You would blow through them right? This training makes capable men feel weak and anemic. Now imagine adding the budo of your choice to attack them or man handle them in their weakened state.

In a practical sense it will work, applied in any fighting venue of your choosing. It won't teach you how to fight (which I have been saying on these boards for ten years) but were you decided to take up MMA or or any more intense work it will be the single greatest advantage you could ever have. Standard disclaimers applied-anyone can be hit, if you can't fight... you can't fight blah blah blah.
Just go learn and form your own opinions bud.

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