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Blush! Expensive ?

About the hakama being expensive, I dont consider myself a rich person, and I am not rich, but looking at some prices I saw online wich go from 50$US to 170$US, there seems to be a wide range, and doesnt look expensive at all. Well I payed a bit more for a complete set of equipment when I practiced Kickboxing, a single pair of good gloves can cost much more than that.

What I asked and gave source, was two set of opposing ideas or just even perspectives, I dont know everything and I will never reach that point, but I just wanted a clear idea about it, you people who are "playing in this league" for much more time than I am, know much more and all I wanted was just a clear straight opinion about those two articles. I took my conclusions, I would like to be corrected in what I am wrong.

Once more thanks for your time and understanding.

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