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Re: Akuzawa Sensei Seminar in the DC Area/Aunkai

I was just kidding Dan!

In a nutshell, the seminar was good, relevant and worthwile. I'd highly recommend anyone of any martial background a level of experience spend time with these guys.

As to what you get out of the seminar? personal embarrassment of how out of shape you really are within a martial body. You get to see a couple of guys who have developed a martial body and can do simple things you can't do. They show you a few basic things that you can work on to get on the path to developing a martial body.

You then go home with a better understanding of how much work you need to put in to yourself in order to get to the next level of your training. That there are no easy ways to do it other than doing it.

In all seriousness, the website shows pictures of exactly what we did. Think standing in horse stance with your arms extended for long periods of time.

Secrets? Expectations?

no secrets. Expectations about how it will improve you martially?

I think that is an individual question that must be answered by each individual.

getting to the next level? Well it is hard for me to answer that one since I am not at the next level. I think it is best to leave it alone, and take the "shut up and train" approach to doing this, and simply do it.

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