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Dan Austin
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Re: Akuzawa Sensei Seminar in the DC Area/Aunkai

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
We spent alot of time and money going to this seminar, why would we want to give out all the secrets!

Did I kick Rob's butt? or did he kick mine?

I'll have to answer your questions is hard typing with one hand right other one is hurt and it is hard to move it to type with it. Won't go into the details.

Mainly did some boring body work here shows pretty darn much what we did.
It's not obvious what portion of this if any is serious, but I've seen the website, and obviously without hands-on the exercises aren't likely to be very beneficial. So "secrets" is meaningless, they can be open secrets. The point is that if I go to a seminar that I liked, I think it's a courtesy to the instructor to let people know about my personal experience of the seminar and why I would recommend the instructor. You seem to have found it at least valuable enough to say it would be good if Akuzawa and/or Rob could come around every 6 months, but that isn't likely to happen if everybody who goes to one of these seminars comes back and writes insightful commentaries along the lines of "nice to meet you Joe, I'll get the beer next time!".

Getting people interested in the material ultimately benefits even those who would keep secrets if they could, because Akuzawa's ability to travel around the US is entirely dependent on seminar attendance and interest. Based on the nature of the material, it sounds like plain hard work will see who gets where with it, not secrets, so if you found the material worthwhile it would be worth talking about the seminar in greater detail to help ensure those future visits even if your interests were entirely selfish (which I tend to doubt). Maybe it's a bit early post-seminar to see discussions from those who attended, but I find it amazing that people have time and energy to engage in the most inane topics on this board, and yet where there's a chance to talk about really interesting things you have to get out the cattleprod.
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