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Re: Akuzawa Sensei Seminar in the DC Area/Aunkai

Dan Austin wrote: View Post
Geez, does anybody know how to give a good seminar review? How about discussing what you guys learned of the Aunkai system, impressions, specifics (did you roll with Rob and how did it feel?), stuff like that - you know, details?
Actually any feedback along these lines would be very useful for any future Aunkai seminars. What did people like best? Where there any concepts that could have been explained more clearly or demonstrated more effectively? Are there any particular skill demonstrations you would like to see?

I would also like to encourage everyone who attends any of seminars to take every opportunity to touch Akuzawa Sensei along with Rob or any other students present. In my own experience, feeling these skills firsthand making learning how to move your body in this manner far more accessible. Likewise Akuzawa Sensei encourages it so that one can easily understand the material he is teaching.
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