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Re: Children transitioning to adult class.

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Also, yesterday, one of my younger students was taking his 10th kyu and his mom pulled me aside and said " thinking of quitting because aikido is' boring'." And I told her, "I don't test people who are about to quit."
When confronted with a strong boundry, aikido got pretty interesting pretty quick. Kids like to test their enviroments, so it needs be based on integrity. I was willing to lose a student to maintain principle. That, it turns out, was interesting to this child. It established the 'worth' of our practice. It wasn't the enticement of just the 10th kyu opportunity but it was adhering to the backbone of our principles. He glowed during, and after his exam.
I'd like to think it was so, but do you really think that this "younger student" really thought, "Wow, this teacher has integrity! And principles! That's interesting!"? Or was it instead a matter of not wanting to deal with Mom and Dad's meltdown over quitting? Or perhaps a matter of wanting that new shiny belt?
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