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Re: Children transitioning to adult class.

Trish Greene wrote: View Post
Hi there, I work with teenagers in a couple of different organizations, not just with Aikido (Boy Scouts as well). This is a symptom that happens with all different types of extracurricular activities, not just Aikido. With teenage boys we call it the "Fumes" (Car Fumes and "per" fumes!). I haven't seen it much with teenage girls though. Having two teenagers myself ( I know, it doesn't seem possible), I have seen my 14 yo son starting to get burned out from being so active ( Boy Scouts and Aikido). He has been in Aikido for several years.

Luckily my son loves Aikido! When he gets overwhelmed with activities, he will take a break for about a week, then come back to it.
They need to WANT to be there, not pushed or guilt tripped to be there. Foster that kind of environment and things will be a lot easier.
Thanks for your experiences.

I personally don't have difficulty in this area. My students have been with me for years; through childhood, adolescence, and into young adult-hood. I have my own educated perspectives and I'm curious about others.

I was specifically wondering what led Stefan to come to his conclusion.So, the question is still open to Stefan..... Thanks.

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