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Re: Striking in your Aikido

James Cavin wrote: View Post
How many of you practice striking on a regular basis in your aikido?

Our instructor shows us how we might use our striking while doing our techniques, but i've only had one practice so far that has included some drills for them.

I've noticed that some people are of the opinion that striking is a must for their aikido. How many of you feel that it plays that much of a role?

Questions from a noob here so please don't flame me.
No worries no flaming here...Some may parse the the semantic definition of "striking" but in our Aikido it's all about Atemi...That being said How one applies it and what degree/impact it has is solely particular to the execution of that technique. IOW No need to smack someone any more than is appropriate in order to execute the technique...

William Hazen
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