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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Asim Hanif wrote: View Post
I happen to think people either want to do aikido or they don't, regardless of demographics.
I completely agree.

However, I gather that in this particular case they feel that women are getting enough grief from certain individuals in class because they are female that they don't stick around long enough to make that decision. If the new women can have a chance to learn what aikido is about and get a true taste of it without having to deal with that issue, then they can make a better determination as to whether aikido is something they would want to pursue. Once they have made the decision to pursue it, they will hopefully grow to a point where the hassle of dealing with those individuals will seem a small thing in comparison to the joy of training. Then they should be able to successfully integrate with the class at large. Something tells me that if the particular situation that they have alluded to in their dojo did not exist (or was solved), these ladies might consider having the women's class unnecessary.

Of course I could be wrong - wouldn't be the first time!
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