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Re: Tracing my Philippine Aikikai Roots

greetings from the iloilo aikido dojo! here is our contribution to this thread.

Sensie Valencia started practicing aikido in the early 50s in Asan Point Base in Guam under Sensie Harry Eto, with Sensie Kalama and Sensie Sasaki as other instructors. Sensie Valencia was the only Filipino promoted to a rank of Shodan, date was 23rd May 1965, later that year Tohie Sensei visited Guam wherein he actually chose this Filipino as his sparring partner during demo's and seminars, that same year,Tohei Sensei noticed the large number of enthusiastic Filipinos practicing the art. Henceforth, with the mandate to propagate the art, Sensie Valencia was chosen to officially introduce the art of aikido to the Philippines, considering he was the only Filipino Shodan at that time. Apparently Valencia Sensie declined, and this prompted the Board of Directors of Guam Aikido Club( Sensie Valencia was one of the members) to promote another Filipino to an Honorary Blackbelt. and thus, the seed of aikido in the Philippines started.

In 1967 he was promoted to 2nd Dan and he instructed classes in the Hawaii Aiki Kwai, the Marianas Aiki Kwai as well as the Guam Aikido Club. During 1968, Sensei Francisco Valencia with Sensei David Kalama and Sensei Roger Sasaki were conducting classes for about 70 members at the Asan dojo in Guam, Marianas Island.
At that period he was also conducting classes for the Roxas Aikido Club(the first aikido club in guam).

By 1970 he was already promoted to 3rd Dan and in 1974 he was promoted to the title of 4th Dan.

When he went home in the Philippines, he taught for a short while in YMCA Iloilo and in a dojo in Mandurriao, a town in Iloilo. And in 1991, he founded the Iloilo Aikido Dojo in Villa, Iloilo.

He passed away last year leaving Ramon "Jack" Tentia, one of the few students awarded by Sensei Valencia with a shodan title as the head instructor.

We have photographs of persons synonymous with Philippine Aikido... Photos were in black and white but you can tell they wore colored belts, and their instructor is no other than Valencia Sensei. pls visit

We hope this helps...
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