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Re: A Typical Day, you know, the same old, same old..

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I like the concept very much; I'm fairly familiar with it from my Elemetary Education courses. It's one of the reasons I've enjoyed the constructivist approach as much as i have. Understanding the perspectives/positions of others is (to some degree) crucial to purposeful reconciliation of conflict...whether we're talking about physical posture or mental posture. I think both relate directly.
In terms especially of "shen", I suspect it is really hard to judge another's truth with one's own.

Saint Andrew had a monk that stole a book from him. The monk tried to sell it for a certain amount. The buyer took the book to Saint Andrew inquiring of its worth. Saint Andrew told him its worth and said nothing else. The monk, hearing of this found the strength to transcend all attachments to money and things.

One monk in the deserts of Egypt (5th century) was witness to a robbery. His testimony placed the robbers in prison. The next day, the monk broke them out of prison. Why?? We may never know.

Saint Francis of Assisi confronted leapords with love and was not molested by them. Perhaps all these men knew how to use technique in fighting. Each had their own path "in the moment" as their truth spoke to them.
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