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Re: A Typical Day, you know, the same old, same old..

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Research the "hermeneutical circle".
You may find that we all have a set of prismed glasses by which to view the world. Our " past experience".... The questions we ask of the world comes from our past dealings with it. [New](?) expierence creates new questions. We refer to our past to answer these questions. If your past was "Forrest" and never experienced "desert", it is hard to imagine an answer that includes intense sun and sand dunes. Yet dialectic and openness slowly expands and shapes our prismed glasses.
I like the concept very much; I'm fairly familiar with it from my Elemetary Education courses. It's one of the reasons I've enjoyed the constructivist approach as much as i have. Understanding the perspectives/positions of others is (to some degree) crucial to purposeful reconciliation of conflict...whether we're talking about physical posture or mental posture. I think both relate directly.

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