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Re: A Typical Day, you know, the same old, same old..

Michael Gelum wrote: View Post
If you hold that there is no competition or resistance in your
training, I emphatically suggest you change your training methods.

Again, I wish all the very best life possible, but I believe that each takes from his/her training, that which they are most comfortable.

My food for thought, " Does your ability truly provide you comfort in any environment? ".

Just my thoughts, hopefully it will help someone.

Train well,

I hold that there is no (or nearly none) competition in my own training; I can't speak for my training partners. That isn't to say I won't exploit an opening and perform kaeshi as uke though.
As for the question: no, but "any" environment leaves too much room for me to feel comfortable saying yes. However, I do feel more comfortable in more environments...but comfort holds a different meaning to me in this context because comfort breeds complacency. I would argue the best Budo involves some degree of self-imposed, purposeful, and continuous discomfort...that makes my guttony for punishment in life an example of wisdom then, right?

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