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Tony Peters
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Erik wrote:
I like it and could use it. In my own case, I was on the swim team during high school. As the season wore on the idea came up of shaving down for meets. I looked at them and said "not a chance in hell". Probably would have shaved a second or more off my time though. [/b]
You know I shaved my legs every year for over a decade, I used to race bicycles (both on and off road) and its a healing/infection issue. However that didn't stop my girlfriends or my wife later on from both laughing and being pissed that my legs were smoother and in some cases better looking than theirs. It did provide for some interesting conversations. It was excepted by all my friends especially when they saw some of the scrapes on my legs.
Right now I'm one of only two who wear a black Hakama in one class (the other is my sensei). In my other class anything goes so I wear a Kendo Uwagi (in both classes) a very formal Obi and my black Hak. However it isn't uncommon to see people in white haks or in all black as that is my Iaido class.
I realize that Aikido has its very formal heirarchy with the Hakama however Aikido just looks better with a Hak on and the Hak itself taught me more about movement than I ever learned from any sensei. As soon as a student can affoed a Hak they should get one and wear it. It is as much a part of the art as a Boken or Jo. I prefer to train in Dojos where the Hak is part and parcel of the training no matter the grade/rank.

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