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Originally posted by virginia_kyu
I find it amazing that someone could be so selfish as to gain his experience with the generous time of more experienced students then deny it to those beginners who come after him.

I think Edward should be forced to train with only beginners for the next 6 months.

Thanks Michael

As a matter of fact, I rarely get any opportunity to practice with someone over 7 Kyu (out of 11 kyu in our system).

I am a beginner myself (3 kyu).

Since my first day in aikido, I was an enthusiatic beginner, willing to move along with the flow of the techniques and never minding to take hard ukemi at any opportunity. Obviously my sempai never considered me a burden. In the countrary, I was and still am the favorite Uke for our teachers and yudansha because of my fearlessness of ukemi.

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