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Re: Japanese Aikido Prayer at beginning of class

Clarification on the issue of language.

I have seen this pop up time and again - here and different places.

First I will start by the fact that Hungarian is not my native language.
Most of you Im sure know that by now - from some post it doesnt seem that clear. (Typically the post from the U.S. - but its understandable, people stateside havent really experienced another culture.)

As to the Europeans hats off to you guys.
Its in your blood to speak 5 languages it seems (especially if your Dutch)

Yes my go at Hungarian has been perhaps slow...but this is not the thread, necessarily, in why that is the case...there are a lot of dynamics to this to say the least.

What I do want to point out is this.

In Hungary, especially in the country side, peoples take on things are a bit different. (Well, this goes throughout the world.)

But here is where Im going with this.

When someone is open, communication happens - regardless of the language. (Trust me, I have experienced this as well)
But it takes a certain determination and willingness to do this.

What I have experienced is that typically I will go the extra mile and expressing myself, and people, who are open will get it.

Those closed will not understand me...
Quite literally. I have said totally improper Hungarian sentences and been understood by those eager and happy that Im trying.

By those who are intimidated that they cant communicate, even the sentences that i say, which are correct, are lost. (Explanation into this...and its at several layers, but I wont go into these dynamics now.)

When someone talks to me, as an example, in Hungarian.
If I dont understand a word...they give up. They dont try to find a substitute word or way in which to try to express themselves.

On the other hand I will use hand signs, grunts, etc. to get a point across - and those open, will get it.

So when someone (wink wink) says that maybe my Sensei was waiting for me to ask for the testing requirements...I humbly suggest that the dynamics of my situation here in Hungary are a lot deeper.

And again, as mentioned, I do get what I need - as you have seen. I was merely making an observation of how I would of approached it.

As for this thread, in which I asked a simple question about a japanese sentence - again, I believe this has been successfully answered now - we have ended up covering topics on totally different subject lines.

I guess for the most part - at least this post Im making now - the topic is still good for the forum group it is in...'Language'.
Even though this line of discussion about language was not the initial intent of the post, as mentioned already.

none-the-less, this may bring more insight, and cultural view point to those stateside and elsewhere.

Because - though our paths may seem the same, each path is unique...and its beautiful...because its yours.
This is very true.



Consider this.
Its hard enough to communicate in a written language you understand... intent, emotion, tone, etc.
Let alone fully communicate in one that is not native.

The only true communication, as pointed out in the example above, is when people begin to feel.
i.e., bravely go in with the intent of understanding. As I mentioned, amazingly communication happens at this level, despite the level of ones language ability.

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