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Re: Japanese Aikido Prayer at beginning of class

Bronson Diffin wrote: View Post
Why on Earth would you assume that? Perhaps your instructor is assuming you'll find a way to ask for the info.

Shows the diverse way in which we as humans think and perceive.
Its the beauty of life.

Your right, and hes right...and Im right to.
- I sound like Tevy from fiddler on the roof!
To which your reply would be, "they cant all be right" and I say, "your right"

All joking aside, the above points to the truth.

For me, if I were to have a dojo, I would make plain what it is that is expected of my students.

I know a former boss of mine, when I was a missionary for a Christian organization, said something like: "when I first got my job I made sure I had a job description of exactly what it is I would be doing...not everyone is like that and needs an exact description...but I do".

Point is, we are different, and have different expectations.

The logic is that if you will have a test, its in the interest of those giving the test to let you know what it is you will be tested on.

One could argue that they are "teaching all that needs to be known" so you dont need a requirment sheet.

Of which I would say, yes, in theory...again, walk in my shoes a mile grasshopper.
If your only receiving instruction in some of the moves weeks before the test, this is counter productive I would think.

Again, to each their own...I merely state it from the view point I have, and respect the one you have.

Sincerely, Reb Tevy err, I mean, dAlen.



Sorry to those of you who havent watched Fiddler on the Roof, but the reference from the movie still comes through and is relevant I believe.

p.s.s. - the true irony is that this thread was merely asking a question about a japanese which, I believe, I now have the answer. - but I suppose its fine for this to turn into a philosophy thread of why dAlen thinks this and that, or does or doesnt do this or that. j/k

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