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Re: Japanese Aikido Prayer at beginning of class

Dieter Haffner wrote: View Post
May I make a suggestion for if you need to know something from your class mates.
You can ask your wife to write it down in Hungarian and bring that piece of paper to class.
I believe it would have worked for this particular case.
I will say this in hopes to add clarity to this thread:

Dieter your point is well taken, and I hope my above post wasn't was not meant to be, I know you were trying to help.

As I believe I have mentioned earlier in this thread, its the simple case that I thought they would have already told/taught me this after a year of being there.

Again, I would assume that someone would give me a list of requirements for testing, etc.

As mentioned, no one did and I saw a senior student with the testing requirements and asked him for a copy.

These testing requirements did not have all the info on it...
i.e, the Japanese I need to know for my just says I need to know it. (Some Japanese is there, but other bits appear to be missing.)

One would have thought that it would be organized such, that all the information would be given, at some point.

But remember, I am just now learning how to do Udekimenage - which is a requirement for my 5th kyu test - after a year of being there.

Point is, there is a lack of structure which is conducive for advancing in Aikido there...thats without the issue of language.

Add the language in there and you have a whole new dynamic.

My point is not to discuss my dojo though.

I would have eventually found out - I figured I could just come to Aiki web as well, and just throw out the question and see if I could get an answer...

...and some people did try to answer, and one - I believe - hit the nail on the head. Again, thanks for that.

So that really is the point. Yes I would have gotten the answer, but the point was I directed my question to those here at Aiki web...for the time.

Again, thanks -


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