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Re: Re: Belt rankings in Aikido

Originally posted by deepsoup
The system used in Shodokan in the UK goes:

beginner - white
8th kyu - red
7th kyu - red
6th kyu - red
5th kyu - yellow
4th kyu - orange
3rd kyu - green
2nd kyu - blue
1st kyu - brown
dan grades - black

And nobody wears hakama, regardless of rank.
Interesting. At Shodokan Honbu which is also a neighbourhood dojo we have
0 Kyu White
8-6 Kyu Light Blue
5-3 Kyu Green
2-1 Kyu Brown
Yudansha - Black (no stripes, no hakama)

Members of University and High School clubs wear only white and black which really messes some people up when a white belt looks like the second comming.

In the kids classes the blue belt is exchanged for yellow and orange with some rearrangement of the numbers. No clue what the rearrangement is.

Lack of hakama is mainly for safety, seen some Embu done in hakama, usually reserved for formal occaisions. I have never seen hakama worn by anyone at the Honbu dojo other than a visiting Aikikai gaijin who then proceeded to tenkan all over the place - very strange. I think he was the reason why Nariyama perfers non-Shodokan visitors to watch.

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