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Re: Uchikaiten Sankyo

Basia Halliop wrote: View Post
If you're expected to know it for your test then it's entirely reasonable to grab a more senior student or your instructor after class and ask if they have a moment to show you.
True, I have been grabbing them...I did notice that the others were having some issues as well.

It seems that part of the 'problem' is class structure.

The lessons in and of themselves are not conducive for someone who is wanting to test. Some of the movements I have just done for the first time - after months of being there.

Other times we do moves that have nothing to do with my kyu level...which Im grateful for, yet as I mentioned above I had not even learned stuff that I was supposed to know like Udekimenage.

(Got that one now.)

This is not a complaint - a few months ago it bugged the pahooky out of me.
But the fact is, what I have needed has come to me...and this has been a lesson in taking what is available and not resisting life.

One thing is I do not speak Hungarian any where near fluently, so this has a factor in it - as well as the fact that even if I did, not sure how receptive he would be to some ideas...though he does seem open.

I believe he (Sensei) has a hard act to follow, so to speak, in this city. Its a small place where most people quit Aikido after a few months...or just dont start.
(And those that do come are not regular...some are getting more regular...we only practice twice a week by the way.)

Back to class structure...
Personally it has been a lesson for me - taking Aikido in a foreign country where I dont really know the language nor do those I train with know my language.

Had I not researched on my own...well, I would have dropped Aikido for good a long time ago.

This experience has given me some insights and appreciation for the difficulties in running a dojo as well as how to deal with these obstacles.

Again - imagine that in my whole time there (since last May) I was not given a testing requirement list. (I saw a senior student had one and got one from him.)

There is not much structure which is conducive for someone who is actually trying to move through Aikido. In a way I can see this is why it takes the people here 7+ years to get shodan...along with only training twice a week (and some less)

As mentioned, things are working, regardless, so Im getting the info I need...step by step.

Perhaps I may shoot Sensei an email at a later time and suggest some things that may help in the flow of the training sessions - perhaps that is what he needs is some feedback.

At the same time, I sense that he is trying to figure out how to make things run a bit smoother.

We just had a couple of 2nd kyus leave because I suppose they figured Aikido took them as far as it could. (Which Im sure it did...each person has what it is they are expecting out of an art...or anything - and then they move on.) But I suppose he is trying to learn to adapt to see how perhaps he can retain students interest at various levels.

Anyway...enough rambling.

I appreciate all the comments...and trust me, I learn quite a bit from this forum...


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