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Re: Uchikaiten Sankyo

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
I disagree with this part. I would say AVOID lifting Uke's hand high as much as possible.

I find much better results by leaving that hand as low as possible and bending my knees to pass through. It keeps things tighter.

I agree with this in essence. I would augment this visual by enlisting the movement of a sword cut. You gotta, eventually, be able to do this as if with a sword cut in any direction. But a waist level-horizontal cut with arms extended is a strong first step. As if cutting with the right hand ( cheap language sorry) and pushing the back of the blade with the left. This should give you some clearance, extension, and breathing room.

A thought: If this is on your exam it ought to be in the repetoire of your uke for the exam ( i.e. your sempai ). Cuz in every school things are demonstrated for that school. So all our good advice aside, where is your living example for this requirement. And if you haven't got one ask your sensei. As a matter of fact, ask them anyhow. Unless you already did and I missed that along the way.

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