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Hello Mr. Ledyard,

Thanks for a very well explained
conceipt on Randori. I choosed the subject mainly because as i have observed.What u practise or how u train inside the dojo, matters when ur out there in the streets. It's a whole new ball game. I'll use this as an example
when one of my 5th Kyu student was on
his way home after visiting his friend. A man twice his size suddenly attacked him w/ a knife, fotunately he was able to defend himself and come out w/only
scratches . He thanked me,AIKIDO and the way our Randori is being done.W/c is in a more realistic way . Sometimes we have to do some adjustments to what is out there .
And i have also observed this in Karate wherein if u keep training in point systems rather than full contact it makes a difference when facing a real life and death situation.

Again Thanks , Ledyard Sensei.

Tuocs Sensei
Musubi Dojo Ki Aikido

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