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Re: Uchikaiten Sankyo

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
I disagree with this part. I would say AVOID lifting Uke's hand high as much as possible.

I find much better results by leaving that hand as low as possible and bending my knees to pass through. It keeps things tighter.

Fair enough. As I say they are five year old notes.

For a beginner lifting the hand higher makes it easier to get under without destroying shisei. A bigger more obvious movement if you like.

So maybe it will help someone like Dalen.

For someone more experienced its probably less significant. If you want to bend your knees thats cool with me - mine aren't the best so I prefer to work in a way that feels most natural to me - create a doorway - move through it to a safe position and then apply the lock.

Again - not for a seconds saying this is gospel just my POV at the time.....and just words

If people think they help great, if they don't thats great too.


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