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Re: Uchikaiten Sankyo

Dalen Johnson wrote: View Post
This is pretty detailed Daren, Thanks.

I would ask, when you have the time, to post what the changes in your perspective were in regards to what you wrote.


In terms of the description of how the technique looks probably no major changes. I think its a reasonable stab at how UKS is done.

Most reading would probably see more common ground than differences I hope.

I feel much more awareness of my own centre and the impact of its movement on uke these days, I'm looking more and more at correct breathing and balance taking and also see some differences in the way I complete the takedown to the floor.

None of these relate to changes in the technique though, they are all personal changes reflecting a growth or change in my understanding (I hope).

I suspect at the time of writing I just wasn't ready to practice the way I do now, (the notes are about 5 years old), I also suspect and hope that in another 5 years I'll see things slightly differently again.

So they aren't gospel - nothing is - they were relavent when I wrote then and if they help then cool, and if they don't, maybe they will in the future.


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