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Tenchi nage

Yes, Im on a roll...but then again Im testing in about a month...or less.

So Im trying to figure out the practicality of some of these moves so I can remember them better as well as better execute them.
Moves that dont seem to work, I have no real reference point to remember. (Talking more of Kokyu Nage - though Im sure Im going to remember that now. I guess the move comes from more of a sword technique...enough on that, as thats in another thread here in the techniques page.)

On to Tenchi Nage.
This basically looks like a wrestling move.
You go up, and move Ukes arm to the outside (in gyaku Hanmi katate tori) and then take your other arm and 'ram' it in his neck to make him fall. (Well not literally ram it), but it seems like an inverse iriminage of sorts.

Any input into this and things to watch for and how to improve technique would be helpful.


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