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Uchikaiten Sankyo

Im up for taking both my 6th & 5th Kyu test in June.
In my 5th kyu test there is one technique, that quite frankly we have never done in practice - that I can recall, with the exception of this past training session when we did our first 'mock' test.

The technique is UchiKatien Sankyo.
From how I gathered, and I completely messed it up - I was trying naga waza and this is a katama waza technique - (pinning vs. throwing)...anyway... seems the point is to go under Ukes arm, like in UchiKaiten naga, but to then apply sankyo... (boy am I good at explanations)

I went to my Aikido 3D disk to see if I could find it (even under kaiten naga or sankyo) but I did not see it together.

Any of you familiar with the technique and care to give a step by step play through of how to properly go through this?

I havent really even seen the term UchiKatien here - mainly kaiten nage, though it appears to be the same thing.

Oh...I forgot, this is Ai Hanmi Katate Tori - Uchikaiten Sankyo


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