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Re: High level power abuse

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But, on the other hand when you open a school that parents bring their children in to learn proper living you have to hold yourself accountable for your actions. Not to mention adults who might go out and open schools of their own following the Masters lead.
Training kids starts and ends at home - this is the primary place for education. Teach them there and they can understand and adapt outside of the home. (Their values they pick up at home, not at school.)

Why follow a master as some guru?
You mentioned church oriented, then I would recommend what the "church leader' Jesus said..."you need no teacher, you have the spirit within."

Its perspective, and how you react obviously depends greatly on that.



p.s. - you mentioned that this lady was a good friend whose shoulder you gave for her to cry on. Should she not be doing such intimate things with her husband? Could it be inside your envious she is not cheating with you? Not trying to be hard, but someone could have made the same post about you if they observed a married woman having to pour her feelings out to you and crying on your shoulders. They could assume you had a tight relationship that went beyond that.

Point is careful throwing the stones...some bounce back.
Even if unintentionally.

1) Words are pointers...look to where they are pointing and dont get lost in them.
2) Just realized this thread is from 2006...oh well

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