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Re: High level power abuse

As tough as this may sound, they are responsible for their own actions.

If their actions interrupt the class specifically, then talk about it - but point in case is that it is not. (Only the mental concepts of what is right and wrong is there...and again this is something they have to deal with.)

Those that seek will find (answers), and what you see on the surface is a sign of something else deeper. Stopping an action, etc. does not change what is deeper.

Point is this is a lot more complicated (on certain levels) then what meets the eyes. Our religious & social milieu has conditioned reactions to such situations, but really there is something else at work.

The same principle that applies to them applies to us.
Before taking the spec out of your brothers eyes, remove yours first.

What you see on the outside may look worse than what you have...but typically we always see things that way...After all, as it is said, "if you do it in your heart, you have done it."

So 'he without sin' cast the first stone.
Does this mean anyone is getting away with anything..this seems to be most peoples fear is that someone is getting away with something, and this seems to be an approach that does not benefit either side.

Point is this...your training in Aikido...then focus on your aikido training. What issues arise specifically in that class. Your not called to go into the lives of everyone of your dojo, per say, if you see what I mean.


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