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Lyle Bogin
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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Although I can think of many reasons to have an all women's class (my own wife would never do something as intimate as aikido with another dude, especially some sweaty mug she just met), the best reason is simply because you think it would be good for you and your dojo.

My main question is will there be a "mommy and me" thing going on, it is it just for the moms. Kids and moms all together...that's a mental workout for sure! Most of those kids of programs are set up that way to attract a mid-day audience. If that's the goal than including stay at home dads (I am one all summer) would be nice.

However, if no kids are involved then a women's only class makes total sense to me. Aikido is a scary venture, and a bit more emotional safety, especially at the beginning, is always a good thing.

Go for it and good luck!
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