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Re: The 2nd Scout Law

Thank you for your thought provoking column. This is very timely for me and has helped clarify my situation. I have been off the mat for five months due to a back injury and your article made me realise there are two reasons why I have not yet returned not just the one I thought. My primary reason is the fear that I may not be able to do Aikido again and in not restarting, I am delaying answering this important question. At the moment I believe I can return instead of definitely knowing I cannot. The now realised second reason holding me back is what has happen in my local dojo in the last five months. This is not the forum to discuss the how's and why's but the harmony in the dojo is in turmoil and rifts are appearing in the family foundations. Perhaps a normal situation for many but not something I am used to seeing in my short time in Aikido. It would appear that the fear of this disharmony has also been holding me back. I have spent the weekend thinking about the support I can offer the potential new instructor at the dojo. However reading the column today has reminded me that my
thoughts need to be extended to all my dojo family, my instructors (past and future) and the head of the organisation and that I do have an obligation to repay them in some way for what they have all given me. Back on the mat tonight then. Thanks for all your other columns, I always enjoy reading them. Regards
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